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3Cubed have been providing messaging solutions for a wide range of clients for more than 10 years

Client Contact Solutions

Client contact solutions using email to SMS with interfaces for many systems including Microsoft's Dynamics CRM

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3C-Alert was initially a hosted E-Mail to SMS Relay. The SMS part of the service accepts e-mails and transforms them into SMS text messages, for onward delivery to one or more mobile phones (and fixed telephone lines).

It can also accept inbound SMS Text messages (originating incoming and response messages), transform and delivery them as e-mails. 


3C-Manager dynamically delivers any mix of SMS, E-mail, Fax and Post according to conditional rules that you can set for each process (Job).

The 3C-Manager software runs on a PC or server, and the only information that ever leaves your organisation is the data you want to include in the communication(s) at the point of delivery.

3C-Manager layers on top of the existing manual E-mail to SMS facilities 


3C-WebMail is an MS outlook web based email solution, primarily aimed at out of hours use or as part of a disaster/contingency plan. However it can also be used whenever access to corporate email is not available.

Our web mail service is accessed via any browser, including smart phones, tablets and any PC/Laptop browser that supports Outlook Web Access

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